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Author: Sandeep Bhavsar1 & Dr. Shipra Chakborti2

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doi no.: 05-2016-44975451

1. Research Scholar, Department of Physical Education, Tanita University Hanuman Garh Road, Sri Ganganagar, (Rajasthan)

2. Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, Tanita University Hanuman Garh Road, Sri Ganganagar, (Rajasthan)


The purpose of the study was to study and investigate the   personality differences  of rural and urban Softball players of Chhattisgarh. For this purpose, two hundred  (one hundred males and  one hundred females) softball players of state and national level belonging to rural area of Jajgir district and  urban area of  Bilaspur district were  randomly selected to serve as the subjects for this study. The Introversion-Extroversion Inventory prepared by P. F. Aziz was used to measure the personality pattern of male and female softball players of rural and  urban area. To assess the types of  personality characteristics  of male and female softball players, means and standard deviations and Analysis of variance (ANOVA) were computed. The results of the study revealed that  male and female softball players of urban area as well as rural area exhibited similarity in their personality pattern. It was also concluded that female softball players residing in urban and rural area were have better personality  than  their male counter parts.

Key words: Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert, Personality pattern, softball  players.


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