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Author: Alok Sharma & Dr. Jai Shnkar Yadav

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doi no.: 05-2016-44975451

1 Research Scholar, Department of Physical Education, Dr. C. V. Raman University, Kota Road Bilaspur (CG)

2 Professor, Department of Physical Education, , Dr. C. V. Raman University, Kota Road Bilaspur (CG)


The Objective of  study was to  investigate the correlation between mental imagery aspects of swimmers and  runners. A total of 50 players ( runners =25, swimmers=25) selected randomly  through sampling method. The players who had  participated in inter collegiate competition (W. B.), were selected as the subjects for this study. The data was collected by through test items for mental imagery components for  runners and swimmers. The questionnaire was prepared by Dr. M. Raja mamik chand. To  find out the correlation between the variables, product moment co-relation coefficient method was  computed at 0.05 level  of confidence.   The significant relationship  was found between visual-  auditory  followed by touch variables between  swimmers The  significant relationship was not found between auditory – touch among  swimmers. between  auditory – touch; visual- touch;  auditory – visual among runners. Runner and  swimmers did not differ significantly in their  mental imagery items.

Key Words:  Runner, Swimmer, Imagery, Auditory, Touch, Visual.


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