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Author: Anant Shrinath Gupta1 and Dr. Moushumi Debnath2

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doi no.: 05-2016-44975451

1. Research Scholar (Intern) DPO’S Nett College of Physiotherapy, Thane Mumbai (Maharastra)

2.  MPT (Neuro), PGDCR, PGD in Rehablitation, DPO’S Nett College of Physiotherapy, Thane (Maharastra)


Background: Eye-hand coordination is the synchronization between vision and hand movements for precise task execution, essential in activities like sports, crafts, and everyday tasks. Eye-hand coordination is crucial for volleyball players, especially in forearm passing. It allows them to accurately judge the trajectory of the ball and position their arms for precise passes. This skill enhances reaction time, agility, and overall performance on the court, making it essential for effective game play.So the Study is done on YMCA Club professional Male Volleyball Players, the population size was 30,2 groups were made Experimental and Conventional Group the Groups were made by Simple Random Sampling (Lottery Method).The Players were given Exercises (Experimental Group) and the other Players were following the Club Routine Exercises only. there was a Eye-hand Coordination Test done thrice in protocol of 6 week Research period as a Screening Tool to find out the Significance with the help of Statistics (Graphpad InStat Version 3.10),The Study Concluded that the patented drill exercise has a significant effect on improving Eye Hand Coordination on Forearm Passing Ability in Indian Male Professional Volleyball Players

Keywords: Volleyball Players, Eye-hand Coordination, Forearm passing, Drill Exercies, Indian.



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