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Author: B. Prasanna Kumar Yadav1 ,Dr. A. N. Mangala Gowri3 & Dr. T. Narasimhulu4

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doi no.: 05-2016-44975451

1. Research Scholar, Andhra University,
2. HoD & Associate Professor, Andhra University,

3. Assistant Professor, GVPCEW,

4.  Associate Professor, BITS-Vizag,


The study aims to elucidate the influence and impact of yogic practices on specific psychomotor skills in Ball Badminton players. Yoga is characterized as a set of ancient Indian practices encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, involving alterations in mental outlook, dietary habits, and the adoption of specific techniques like yoga asana (postures). Asana refer to bodily positions that promote steadiness and comfort, fostering both physical and mental well-being without exertion over a specified duration. The study focuses on yogic practices and evaluates their effects within the realm of Psychological Variables. Specifically, the research delves into the role of yoga asana in shaping selected Psychological Variables among Ball Badminton players, aiming to articulate the impacts of these practices on the psychological aspects of the players. The significance of investigating the role of Yogic practices in enhancing psychomotor skills among Ball Badminton players is evident, prompting the researcher to embark on this exploration.

Keywords: – Yoga Asana; Physical; Mental; Ball Badminton; Psychological Variables.


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