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Author: Dr. Sangita Banik

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doi no.: 05-2016-44975451DOI Link :: 13/NO. 1/JAN./2023/A2

1 Assistant Professor (WBES), Government Physical Education College for Women, Hooghly, West Bengal, E-mail:


Finding out the connection between technological stress and internet addiction among female physical education trainee teachers is the aim of this abstract. 33 female trainee instructors for physical education, ranging in age from 21 to 25, were studied, and they were all from West Bengal’s Hooghly district. They were chosen using a purposeful group design. The T evaluated techno-stress. Internet addiction was assessed using the Young’s Internet Addiction Scale and the Westermann Scale. It was determined that, at 0.05 levels, there was a substantial and positive correlation between the domains of Internet Addiction and the domains of Techno-stress. The conclusion drawn from the results is that young female teachers who experience high levels of technological stress may also experience high levels of internet addiction.

Keywords: Trainee Teachers, ICT, Stress, Internet, Addiction.


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